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 Miniature Redware Washboard

This one is a real sweetie!  It's a miniature washboard, Ohio/Penn., c. 1850.  The frame is of mixed woods . . . Black Walnut, Cherry, and Poplar and the tile (scrubbing surface) appears to be Rockingham glazed redware.  It measures a mere 6-3/4" wide and 13-1/4"high.

Was it a store display?  Perhaps it was a Salesman's sample?  Perhaps it was a child's toy so she could scrub the laundry along with mom.  That's a reach, because if it was it certainly was never used for that purpose as the condition is too fine. It shows no evidence of ever being near water.  Obviously it is quite rare, having only seen one other in 30 years.  I rather doubt many were made and few are still extant.  The condition is high outstanding with the exception of a tiny flake to the glaze on the washing surface which allowed me to identify the clay as redware as it is reddish colored.

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