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Two Pigs out for a Stroll

Like other Folk Artists, early rug makers created rug designs based on their houses, farm animals and favorite landscapes. As a result, these rugs attained a certain naivete` not found in the "kit" rugs made from pre-stenciled patterns.

This charming, one of a kind rug of original design is the sort that brings a smile to one's face. We often find rugs that portray the family pet . . . usually a cat or a dog, but a Pig? This most likely was a farmyard scene the rug maker found charming and thus portrayed it on her rug. The lively quality of the facial expressions on the Pigs, the way the ears flop off to the sides and the sprightliness of step as they go strolling off definitely make it a fine example of an original design. I can almost hear the little one going "La Di Da Di Da" as he strolls off followed by his parent.

The rug is mounted on a stretcher, ready to hang and measures 21" high x 36" long.  Condition is very good.

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