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Running Horse Weathervane

According to Steve Miller, one of the world's foremost authorities on weathervanes and author of The Art of the Weathervane, "the beauty of an individual weathervane is the most important aspect of this naive art form.   It is that which identifies it as art . . . a classic form of three-dimensional folk sculpture."


They were fashioned from materials the craftsmen had on hand at the time, be it Wood, Copper, Tin or Iron.  The fact that their beauty has been enhanced by the ravages of time and nature only serves to elevate the appreciation of their beauty as an art form.


The Horse Weathervane we are pleased to present here is a , full -bodied vane depicting unbridled power and motion. 

The face is delightful and he is having a "good hair day" with much fluidity of movement shown in both the mane and the tail.




The honest, encylopedic surface which has oxidized to vertigree still retains traces of gold.  It is exactly as it should be for its age which is late 1800's!


The Horse is 23" long and stands 18" high including the stand.


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