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Adjustable Hand Wrought Floor Candlestand

Presented here, an unusual hand wrought iron "Chair Side" height adjustable candlestand.  The candle cup has an unusual drip pan which is identical to the "crusie" pan lamps of the 16th and 17th centuries.  The candle cup is tin with a rolled over rim with its bottom through peened to the bottom of the drip pan.  The tensioner of the height adjustment is also hand forged iron of great strength which will not weaken with usage as is often the case with most of its relatives.

The 4 penny feet are made from 2 crossing arches which are also heat forged together and then peened with a round pin into the bottom of the stand.  Note the attachment to the vertical height adjustment which also has tapering up to it's top and down to its base where it crosses over to connect to the vertical shaft.  The brass finial is a nice plus compared to the usual chunk of shaped iron.  All in all a "10" in my book.  39 inches high.


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