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Redware Storage Jar

This Redware Storage Jar is absolutely incredible. It looks like two separate Jars, but it's only one and that's what sometimes happened in the kiln because it was hotter on one side therefore producing two different looking sides.  First, lets start by saying that the condition is fabulous.  No apologies here!  I just love to say that!  It is Drop Dead Gorgeous!

The color reminds me of Dijon mustard, but I believe we have here is an oatmeal and olive glaze with dark brown splotches.  Quite possibly by the Corliss Pottery in Day's Ferry, Maine.  These jars with a pronounced ledge around the inside of the neck were often called "Wax Canning Jars or Wax Sealers" since a tin or pottery lid could fit onto the neck ledge and be sealed in place with hot wax. Also the broad rim and indentation at the neck allowed paper, cloth or leather to be tied on to seal the jar.  A stunning piece of Redware for the collector or appreciator. 7-1/2 inches high and 4-1/4 inches in diameter and circa 1780-1820.


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