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Ovoid Redware Jar

Presented here, an absolutely stunning early Ovoid Pennsylvania Redware Jar with a yellow glaze and dark brown decoration.  The results are the work of a very talented potter and are truly outstanding.  As you look at the jar, the decoration is different on all sides.  It is very boldly conceived and executed.  The condition is very fine with only a couple of small flakes to the unglazed  part of the bottom that are mentioned for the sake of accuracy and expected minor wear to the glaze in spots on the rim due to age and usage. As redware is one of the least durable ceramic types, being porus and brittle and easily cracked, it is truly amazing that this little gem has survived over two centuries in such fabulous condition. The only other thing that needs mentioning is a "kiln kiss" where it sat too close to another piece in the kiln. Because of the light color and extensive decoration one barely notices, and hopefully will forgive, these minor imperfections. Overall excellent condition, the size is 6-1/3 inches high and 5-1/2 inches in diameter at the bulge.


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