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Eliza Nichols,Coventry,Kent,Rhode Island, 1826

Eliza Nichols was the 3rd of 9 children born to Johnathan and Mary (Arnold) Nichols of Coventry in Kent County, Rhode Island. She was born 3 JUL 1805 and married Burton Sweet of West Greenwich on 22 NOV 1832. Burton is mentioned in the various census as a farmer. They had 6 children but only one (William) lived to adulthood.  Eliza died 13 DEC 1844 at the age of 39 and is buried in CY030, Pine Grove Cemetery, (Knotty Oak), Coventry, Kent Co., Rhode Island as is her husband, Burton Sweet who died in 1870.

That Eliza was 21 years of age when she wrought this sampler in 1826 would explain the sophistication and fine execution of this piece. This is a beautiful example of the favorite archway pattern, the arches being delicately striped in ivory and gold and outlined in  green.  Basically, this is the color palate used throughout the sampler with the exception being the roofs of the two twin chimney houses and the grassy area on which they stand.


A lush and lovely twining band of flowers and leaves encircles two alphabets at the top of the sampler that are separated by a numerical progression enclosed in interlocking diamond shapes.


In the center, yet another alphabet bisects the piece and the bottom half of the sampler is composed of Mauve colored grape bunches and leaves on tendriled vines that grow from a large Ivory colored pot sitting on a hillock in the center bottom and encircles the verse:

Jesus permit they gracious name to stand
As the first effort of my youthful hand,
And as my fingers oer the canvas move,
Engage my tender heart to seek they love.

Two twin chimney houses surrounded by trees share the grassy lawn and make for a charming scene.  

The needlework is incredibly well done and the whole has a three dimensional feeling of opulence and lushness due in part to the long stitches of the silk threads.  The sampler, worked in silk on linen, is in excellent condition, conservation mounted and matted with a reverse painted black glass mat, and framed in a mahogany frame.  21-1/2 inches x 21 inches framed.


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