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Taghkanic Friendship Basket


Taghkanic basketmakers called these "Fruit Baskets", but over the years they have acquired the name of "Friendship Baskets".  They are the same basket as the more typical round bottom basket, but the body is just not as tall.  They were made in many different sizes.  The handles are double fixed overhead handles lashed together at the top, resulting in a basket that is very stable in spite of its fragile appearance.  This particular basket, made of brown ash is 12" in diameter and 2" high.
The construction of the Friendship basket handles, except for being more delicate, is like any other Taghkanic . . . fixed overhead handle, being single notched with the shelves below the notches being characteristically blocky.  The crisscrossed lashing helps hold the handles securely in place at the rim and spreading the base of the handles sturdies the basket and prevents racking (loosening).  The rim construction is like any other Taghkanic Basket in that it is double wrapped and wider than high.  The kicked in bottom and tapering ribs are typical and, in this case we even have the "knot" where it was tied off. While the "tie" is not always there, Taconic baskets have a recognizable look, regardless of size and shape. The overall condition is super and the patina is wonderful! They just made a basket one way, and that was their signature.  In any event, this sturdy basket is a masterpiece of basket making and deserves a place of honor in any basket collection.
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