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Figural Maple Document Box
This is a spectacular maple box that makes beautiful use of tiger and figural maple in its design.
The sides of the box are high contrast tiger.  The top is a superb piece of high contrast figured maple.  The construction is by large dovetails in the 3/4" sides topped by the 1/4" top attached with counter sunk screws.  The two hand made brass hinges are installed with 6 hand cut screws per hinge . . . all original.  The bottom is attached by 12 hand forged square nails.
It is obvious from its fine construction that the maker was a craftsman of unusual skill and the piece was probably done as a gift of love.  As a life long lover of tiger maple, I can honestly say the melding of talent, patina, and condition makes this box "as good as it gets".  Looking and touching are recommended.  Size is 12"long x 6"wide x 6" high.

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