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 Oval Hersey Box

19th Century Oval Hersey Box that used to be part of a stack but now is an orphan. Like other Hersey boxes, the construction is the same, but there is an added air of delicacy about them because they are NOT painted and the beauty of the wood grain shines through. Made of white pine, maple and sometimes birch, these boxes have acquired a wonderful oxidized patina due to exposure to light and air over time. Made in nests, they sometimes would contain a paper label indicating they were Hersey made, but when no label was present, that's when the confusion occurred and they were mistaken for Shaker.  It's all in the laps however, as they are alternating and Shaker boxes do not have alternating laps. Shaker boxes also do not use wooden pegs as the colonists do, but both will use Copper tacks (sometimes iron tacks were used by the Herseys on their boxes. The copper tacks will not bleed and discolor the wood.
This little box is 4-5/8" L,3-3/8" W, and 1-1/2" H. Top is White Pine, bottom is Birch. Laps are Maple fastened with Copper tacks and 4 wooden points.  The surface patina has mellowed to a honey blonde color.  It just begs you to run your fingers over it and admire its smooth perfection.  Be sure your hands are clean or you'll soon have a dirty blonde on your hands :-) There is a delicate sheen to the box that allows the beautiful maple grain to shimmer through.  This little orphan fits nicely between boxes 3 and 4 in the current stack, or would be a great start of a new stack. The name "P.E. Harvey" is written in graphite on the lid's interior.

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