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Profile Goose Decoy

This is a wonderful rare example of a Canadian goose profile decoy or "flattie". The stick-up decoy is the second most used type of decoy and is designed to mimic their respective breed on land or in shallow water. However, the Canada Goose profile is rare and seldom found as these decoys were often left in place, many times for the season, and the ravages of wind and rain took their toll on them.

This decoy has a good paint history. The paint is crazed, has a nice surface, and appears to be original to the piece. He has two holes in his belly where he would be placed on sticks or dowels and then the sticks put into the ground to support him in a natural position. Size is 25" long and 15" tall and 7/8" thick.

Since geese use sand (grit) to digest their food, they will periodically visit a sandbar to "sand up" for this purpose. This specialized goose profile decoy was used to replicate this habit. The simplicity of his paint scheme combined with his bold form make for a very graphic presentation, a perfect compliment to other folk art objects.


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