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Covered New York Redware Jar

Presented here, a signed New York Redware Storage Jar with cover! It is a 10-1/2 " tall jar with sides that slope gently out to the high shoulder then in to the neck and shaped rim with interior ledge to support the cover. Plain, unglazed base. It is most likely what is called a preserve or canning jar, but they were used for a wide variety of purposes not just limited to preserving.
This is a very fine piece of Redware with only two chips . . . one on the rim and the other on the bottom. The lid has a few flea bites on it, but we're lucky to have the lid at all! The pictures do not do this piece justice. The color is more brownish than red and there are running speckles of darker brown/black (manganese) that cover the piece, giving it a shimmering effect. Very pretty. The kiln has been kind to this one :-)
Best of all, it is signed A. Wilcox, West Bloomfield, NY. They were in operation from 1830 to 1859 and this jug probably dates from 1840-59. Redware was seldom signed by the maker, so the mark substantially increases the value of the piece, also the fact that we still have the lid intact.

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