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Redware Jar with Cobalt Tulip

Presented here, a wonderful little wide-mouth Redware Jar with Cobalt Tulip Decoration. Although quite common on stoneware, cobalt decoration is quite rare on redware. The blue-green slip is probably cobalt, which typically fired to a dark shade when applied to a redware body.  The shape of the jar is quite lovely, from the flared foot to the flattened, downturned wide-mouthed rim.  There are three incised lines at the shoulder of the jar.

The jar is in very fine condition . . . a tiny chip on the bottom and an area on the back that would indicate the heat in the kiln was a bit too hot in that spot and caused a bit of flashing of color and fry.  All in the making, so please be kind and forgiving. 

The Cobalt Tulip and Leaves virtually fills the front and sides of the little jar.  This is a very special piece and quite a rarity in the world of Redware because of it's size, only 4-1/4" tall, and for the Cobalt Tulip.  Pennsylvania, c. 1830-50.

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