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Canvasback Decoy
Frank Martin, LaSalle, Ontario
Detroit River School of Carvers

Frank Martin made decoys for sale from 1925-1955 and is considered to be that area's finest carver.  He virtually put LaSalle on the decoy map.  His decoys are still in use in many rigs and his name is still spoken with reverence by many hunters who remember is carving skills.

This solid body high-head Canvasback is called a "Turtleback Bobtail" for obvious reasons.  An unusual feature found on all of Martin's carvings is the mandible cut which extends into the cheek almost a quarter of an inch . . . a Martin signature, so to speak.  It is structurally sound with very fine original paint and a few shot scars to testify to its life as a working decoy. 

This is truly a wonderful bird on all counts.  It is also amazing to me that the neck is still in one piece as that was the normal breaking point in these high necked birds.  There is a wonderful elegance in this decoy that testifies to the skill of the carver and his ability to catch the "essence" of the bird.

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