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Rockingham Glazed Lion

Extremely popular with collectors are Rockingham Mantle Figures. These were usually made in matching pairs and used as mantle decorations or table centerpieces. The lion had a great effect on the popular imagination during the 19th century. The king of beasts was not only represented in books and posters but was also featured in traveling circuses and menageries.

In great demand today, the best of them are regarded as folk art, especially when one finds one with the demeanor that ours has! He has a face that "only a mother could love", yet is stately and regal as befits his Royal Highness. 

The detail on this piece is outstanding as is the drippy Rockingham Type glaze on the Yellow Ware body.  You can feel and also see the ripples in his coat.  He is in outstanding condition with the only thing that needs to be mentioned is a very tiny flake to his mane at the top of the back of his head.  I have to search to find it and I know it's there!  Also, upon closer inspection there appears to be an in-the-making bruise underneath one of the hairs on the mane that is glazed over.  Recumbent on a plinth that is 9 1/4" long, the figure is 6" tall (including the plinth).  This, a wonderful ceramic figure that certainly qualifies as Folk Art and you gotta love that face!

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