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18th Century Ladderback High Chair
Presented here, an 18th Century Ladderback High Chair made of mixed woods . . . Cherry, Black Ash and Chestnut just to name a few. The trapizoidal seat is reflected in the stretcher base and the seat appears to be made of black ash splint that was once painted red as was the entire chair. A good amount of the red paint still remains on the chair, especially on the base. The bottom picture most clearly reflects the actual color of the chair.
It has been backed up against a wall and the back of the back legs have been worn somewhat flat which just adds to it's charm. The front stretcher where the child would put his feet shows the results of usage over the centuries. It most likely is of New England origin.

While high chairs are collected primarily for their historical and decorative value this one is sturdy enough to be used and passed down in the family as an heirloom. A very special piece for a very special child, teddy bear, or doll. It stands 38" tall.

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