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Very Rare French Brass Lantern
My hat is off to the French on this incredible lantern. In over 31 years of aggressive collecting this is one of the top two I've seen in terms of quality, complexity and detailing. It is so superior to others that are considered "THE BEST" that it is mind-boggling.
The two intersecting copper loops on the burner were designed to transfer heat from the lamp's flame down into the font, thereby heating the fuel. This is an extremely rare feature (have seen this only once before) which was used in Arctic type conditions to combat kerosene's jelling in extreme cold. One may suspect the high quality anti-jell feature could indicate the lamp's being made for a government contract.
Stored under the lamp are 4 folding brass screens, each of which slides into channels to cover the glass . . . blackout reflectors or heater conversions. This likely will be the only one you will ever see. Markings: Couvrard & Villers Ste Andnyml St Duen Seine 65 Rue Ce La Chapple Modle 1925 Couvard & Cie Paris.
Size is 5" x 5" x 13" high.

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