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Northeastern Elm Burl Bowl
This huge hand hewn 18th c. Burl Bowl with it's undulating rim is made of Elm Burl.  According to Steve Powers in his recently published book,  North American Burl Treen only 2-3 percent of burl items were made of Elm Burl . . . most are made of Ash while Maple, Cherry, Birch, and Chestnut were also used but in lesser quantities.
Elm grain has very strong elastic properties that allow for shrinkage without splitting.  The rim of this bowl has undergone extensive warping.  At the highest point the bowl is 7" tall, shrinking down to 6" and just about every number in between as the wavy rim circles the bowl. The diameter is 13" to 14" in diameter depending on where the measurement is taken.  The condition of the bowl is excellent with no splits or cracks.  With its globular proportions, the bowl is of an impressive size.

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