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 Decorated Cutlery Tray
Presented here, a Cutlery Tray most wonderful!  It is of a nice large size . . . 15" long x 9" wide x 6" high to the top of the beautifully shaped cut-out handle.  The piece seems to "flow" with a fluidity of motion.  It doesn't just flow, it SOARS!
Dovetailed construction with tiny dovetails that fasten the sides and tiny square nails that fasten the bottom.  That's just the construction . . . now for the decoration!  Strawberries, Peaches, Pears, and Grapes with Grape Leaves with spiraling tendrils decorate all four sides of the tray.  As for the surface, there is craquelure throughout.  The bottom of the box is walnut.   It appears that a coat of varnish was applied over the outside of the tray to protect the painted decoration which it has done most admirably.  This has produced an "alligatored" surface on the exterior of the tray which further enhances its charm.  There is gold pinstriping on the base and the top of the tray as well as on the divider. The tray is in excellent condition and would grace any buffet setting.
This is a very special piece, just oozing with charm and oh, so useful.  Probably from the Schoharie Valley, (NY) as we have seen this almost identical type of decoration on furniture and other items from that area. Whether used as originally intended for cutlery or as a desk or dresser organizer you will be entranced by its charm.

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