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Redware Cat Banks
Rare to find one, much less a pair of Pennsylvania Redware Cat Banks.  While we hesitate to call them a "PAIR" as the glazes are slightly different in color, they are definitely made by the same hand.  The slight difference in color of the manganese decoration makes for an interesting contrast.  We wouldn't expect them to be identical because of the nature of type of ware they are and what happened in the kiln during those times.  They are also opposing, which is a plus for a symmetrical display and are circa 1830-40.
The walls are quite thick so they are very sturdy and made to last. The fact that the coin slots are oversized, to get the coins out easily, is probably why they are "survivors"!  Not many banks were, as they had to be broken to retreive the precious coins.
Now for the best part.  They are absolutely PURRFECT!  They have no damage, repairs, or restoration of any kind.  This is almost unheard of in redware because of the porosity of the material and the low firing temperature.  These are American Folk Art at it's finest and a joy to behold.  Each one measures 4-3/4" high x 3-1/2" wide x 2" deep at the base.  Wonderful!  For the collector of banks or of Redware, I doubt you'll see the likes of these again.  

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