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Pewter Ice Cream Molds
*Rose, 4" x 4" . . . $75.00
*Daffodil, 4" x 5" . . . $75.00
*Pineapple, 3" x 5" . . .
*Fried Egg, 3-3/4" x 4 . . .$75.00
*Basket, 3-3/4" x 5" . . . $125.00
All have very ornate interiors with the exception of the fried egg. 
The basket is especially fun to use, either by making an ice cream basket to fill with fresh berries or a chocolate shell to be filled with the filling of choice.  I have also used it to make a cheese basket to be filled with caviar or ?.


3-Piece English Pewter Food Mold.  This would be wonderful for making a molded Ice Cream Dessert.  The interior is very ornate and very clean.  Ready to use!  6-1/2inches in diameter at the bottom.  Wonderful patina!


*Note, besides using this mold for Ice Cream, it would make a lovely presentation for an Aspic set on a Seafood Mousse or whatever else yon can think of.

$450.00                          R6A07564


*Kiwanis Club, 4-1/2" dia . . . $55.00
*Pear, 2" x 3-1/4" . . . $40.00

*Airplane, 4-1/2" x 4" . . . $145.00
 *RARE Three Masted Schooner, 
        4-1/2" x 6" . . . 
  * Touring Car, 5" x 2" . . . 
Both the Car and the Ship have very ornate interiors, while the airplane is more simple, as one would expect as is the Pear which is plain inside. 


Ornate Rope Border surrounds a grouping of fruits.  The bottom also comes off and can be fitted with a cake layer to make an Ice Cream Bombe.  Make the cake, fit it into the mold and fill with Ice cream.  The three pieces make it very easy to release from the mold.  The British Registration Mark on the inside bottom indicates a date of manufacture of July 22, 1868.

From our collection of Pewter Ice Cream Molds, all in excellent condition.  While records show them to have been in use since the late 1700's, individual molds were most popular from the mid 1800's when commercially made ice cream first became available.
Packing the molds was a hand process since different colors of ice creams were used to give a natural effect.  Coloring was also done by painting, spraying or dipping the frozen form into food color.  In addition, certain "props" were available by catalog from the manufacturer . . . artificial leaves, flags, ribbons, bow, arrows and wings for cupid, a hatchet for George Washington as well as a Christmas tree for Santa.
Schall Company, one of the oldest American mold makers was established in 1854.  They were later bought out by Krauss Co. who removed the "S & C" from the molds.  Eppelsheimer Co. marked their pieces E & CO, NY.  But because pewter is soft and the marks often wore down due to use, sometimes they are missing or very hard to read or in the case of "S&C" they were deliberately removed.
Imagine a Watermelon Slice of Ice Cream with Pistachio for the rind, Raspberry Sherbet for the inside and Chocolate Chips for the seeds.  Making individual Ice Cream servings is not difficult nor particularly time consuming . . . It's Fun!
Besides molding Ice Cream, they can be used to mold butter and cheese.  This is one case where it's okay to play with your food!

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