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Pictorial Hooked Rug

While we quite often find figural hooked rugs featuring animals, pictorial ones depicting people are far more uncommon. This particular rug features what appears to be some sort of a party scene. Three people are seated around a table while another is walking towards them carrying what appears to be a bouquet of flowers. On either end of the rug are huge green trees along a tall brown fence. The lighter area on the right is a gateway through which we look out into a wooded area.

The colors are softer than they appear in the photo above and, while the rug does show some "polishing" on the surface, it is in remarkably good condition.  Our Folk Artist here had a good "eye" for re-creating a scene that most likely speaks to a very real event.  This is truly a wonderful and whimsical example of the art and RARE!
Size is 18 1/2" x 40" long.

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