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Pair of Portraits on Poplar Panels
OOC of a Little Girl with her Doll

Noah's Ark . . . Circa 1890-1900

Horse Drawn Sleigh, Folk Art,
With Driver and Passenger
Carved And Painted
Circa 1900

Copper & Brass Pan Candleholder w/Snuffer


Greater Yellowlegs Shorebird Decoy, George Boyd, Seabrook, NH, c. 1910

Excellent 19th C. YellowWare Mug with bold Blue Seaweed Decoration
Rare Pocket Watch Sampler,
c. 1820-30
English Darning Sampler,
AB, 1824
Beautifully Detailed Tin Candle Lamp with Reverse Punching on the Top in a Fan Motif.

A Very Special  and RARE Wrought Iron Candleholder

Mid 19th C. paint decorated Dome Top Box in Soldier Blue Paint

*Magnificent 18th Century Wrought Iron 3 Arm Chandelier


Wrought Iron Decorative Beam Spike Holder for Grease Lamps . . . 18th C., Probably Pennsylvania

Scrimshaw Coconut Shell Goblet
Drop Dead Gorgeous Tiger Maple Cutlery Tray
Spoke Shave (Draw Knife) in the most wonderful figured Tiger Maple.
Canada Goose Decoy
Wonderful Splint Basket in Pewter Gray Paint
American Painted Tin Document Box - Stevens Plains, Maine


19th C. Windsor Green Pantry Box


Eastern Woodlands Dyed Splint Basket


Pewter Double Bulls Eye

19th Century Deeply Carved Cookie Board

Impressive Pair of 15" Tall Brass Candlesticks, c. 1800's



Yellow Ware Covered Storage Jar or Humidor 



Tiger Maple Scissors Expansion Toy with Leather Mouse.  Is that fun or what?

Silhouette of Robert Townsend



Red, Pumpkin and Mustard Pantry Boxes. Wonderful!



17th Century Non-Tip Wrought Iron Candlestand



Yellow Ware Pitcher with Dendritic "Trees"
Extremely Rare Yellow Ware Pie Plate Collander
19th C. Copper Mold with Anchor and Crowns
Schoolgirl Watercolor


Blue Painted Canteen,
circa 1760-1840

Folk Art Butterfly Carving by Maine Carver Bernier
Bronze Working Model Cannon with Mahogany Carriage

Fabulous miniature 19th C. Splint Basket in Robin's Egg Blue Paint.  A little treasure


 Hudson River School Oil on Canvas in Lemon Gold Frame. 
American School. A very nice primitive in excellent condition. 17" x 12-1/2" (sight) and 23-1/4" x 18-1/4" overall.


FabulousTiger Maple
Rolling Pin



 Puffy Sleeve Artist - Woman with a Crucifix Holding a Sprig of Flowers



Watercolor and Pencil Bust Profile Portrait of Harriet Mansus by Rufus Porter . . . dated 1825


Betty Lamp with Stylized
Bird Finial

Round Splint Basket with fixed handles in the most wonderful Apple Green Paint


Slip Banded Yellow Ware Covered Sugar Bowl


Slip Decorated Redware Plate



Tiny Robin's Egg Blue Pantry Box. Perfect for the top of the stack!


Rabbitware Roadster Plate
Sandwich Glass Finger Lamp,
Cable with Ring, c. 1845-65
Huge English Pearlware Mocha Mug with Marbled Slip Decoration, c. 1795
Canton Covered Warming Dish
Brass Heemskerk Candlestick, c. 1670-1720
Eliza Ann Clarke, Chesterfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts, 1826

Bush Patent Kaleidoscope, 4th Qtr. 19th C.


Absolutely the Best Blue Oval Pantry Box.  A "10"  in every respect! This one has it all . . .Form, Surface, Condition and Color!


19th C. Imari Fish Dish


Redware Flowerpot with Manganese Decoration



Very Rare Sheep Butter Print



19th C. Shorebird Decoy


RARE Hand Wrought Double Crusie Trammel Light, C. 1650-1750


Salt Glaze Pitcher


Sparking Lamp, c. 1830's

Large Mocha Mug with Oyster Decoration

Carved Eagle with Shield
Ring Toss Game

Hand Wrought Iron at its very finest!  A Rotary Gridiron or Broiler shaped like a Snake.  Wonderful!
Yellow Ware Batter Bowl


Rabbitware Tankard


Checkers Gameboard
Mocha Seaweed Mug with "Trees"
Pease Jar
Wall Basket in the Best Blue Paint


Pantry Boxes in the best Mustard Paint

Butter or Cookie Print

Large Mocha Mug, Earthworm, Catseye and Raised Dots


Ellen Champney, New Ipswich, Hillsboro NH, 1823



Mourning Sampler with WC Portrait


Passenger Pigeon Decoy Carving
Very Rare Double Kettle Lamp of Mixed Metals
 Tina, dated 1832
Pilot House Eagle
Spongeware Pepper Pot
Folky Butterprint with the Presidential Seal
Tiger Maple Shaker Stocking Stretchers - Child Size
Creamware Mocha Coffeepot with "Trees"
Miniature on Ivory of a Young girl holding a
Pink Rose, circa 1830's

Silhouette of Thomas B. Bancroft, aged 5 years
Marbelized Mocha Tankard
Painted Miniature Pennsylvania Blanket Chest, complete and all original.  Wonderful Red Paint! Circa 1820-30

Folk Art Carved Nautical Frame



Charming Folk Art Oil on Board of a Cape Cod Scene. Excellent Condition
Wrought Iron Socket Candleholder
RARE Wrought Iron Miniature Revolving Broiler Trivet
Hourglass Carving


Imari Double Fish Dish


Folk Art Fisherman with his Catch
Painted Sheraton Sidechair

Pair Whale Oil Sandwich Glass Lamps with Frosted Fonts

Redware Piggy Bank 
Fine 19th C. Tiger Maple Scoop

18th C. Walnut Coffee Mill


18th C. Maple Treen Plates

Grain Painted Wood Bin


Chocolate Mold - Hen on a Nest

RARE Double Crusie with incised Thistle Decoration. 


Rare 18th C. Wrought Iron Pipe Kiln

Apple Roaster
A RARE Hearth Cooking Implement


Tiger Maple Oval Shaker
Box with Five Swallowtail Laps


Schoolgirl Watercolor Map of the World, Pen & Ink
Sebia Kimball (1794 -1858), Littleton, Massachusetts

Salt Glazed Stoneware Cream Pot
with Snowflake Decoration
C. W. Brown, Buffalo, NY


State of Maine Comb Back Rocker

Very Large 19th C. Copper Fish Mold with Excellent Patina and Detail.  The Best!


Fine 19th Century Pennsylvania Chalkware Rooster with 4 color polychrome decoration and molded wing detail.



19th C. Wallpaper Covered Box


18th C. Pennsylvania Walnut Spice Grinder.  Fabulous!
Perfect little 19th C. Yellow Ware Master Salt with Wedgwood Blue dendritic decoration
Olive Wheeler, Bethel, Maine, 1830
Red Two Drawer Work Table
Abigail T. Reeves, Gloucester, NJ, 1834

Sunfish Carving by Smokey Joe Jackson, Chippewa Carver.


American Painted Tin Breadbasket - Stevens Plains, ME.

Pair Funky, Folky Roothead Decoys


Antique English Three- Tiered Copper Mold, c. 1870's, Benhams & Froud



 Mid 19th C. Cricket Stand in Dove Gray Paint

Hooked Table Mat
c. 1880's

Early Turtleback Bellows,


18th C. Brass 6-light Chandelier 

Checkers Gameboard
Ovoid Redware Jug with Olive/Brown Glaze and Peach Splotches
THE BEST 18th C. Wrought Iron Snake Trivet with Incised Decoration.  Fabulous Folk Art!
Canton Serving Dish/Fruit Plate,
Circa 1830-40
Miniature Portrait on Ivory of a Very Handsome Gent



Tiger Maple Windsor Screwtop Candlestand


Bark Cloisonne` Vase

Double Candle Trammel Candleholder


Bark Cloisonne` Vase of Heroic Size, 11-1/4" tall!


Crewel Work Valance, 1776

Inlaid Folk Art Box

Rare Burl Master Salt


Tiny Windsor Green Pantry Box for the top of the Stack



19th C. Running Horse Weathervane


19th Century Weathervane - Crowing Rooster - Fabulous Surface!

Pendant Candleholder with Heart Hanger

Miniature Green Firkin with Bail Handle


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