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Yellow Ware Pie Plate Colander
Presented here, a very RARE form in Yellow Ware. This is a Pie Plate Colander and there is some controversy as to whether it was used as a colander or to bake pies. These colanders must not have been very popular, since there are only a few known and thus hotly pursued by collectors when one surfaces.
These were made in very limited quantity in the mid 1800's in both plain Yellow Ware (rarest) and Rockingham glazed. This is a hybred version in that it is plain Yellow Ware on the inside and splashed with Rockingham on the underside. (The Rockingham was splashed on before the final firing and allowed to drip.) I believe the clay composition in this piece is a mixture of yellow ware and stone ware as it has a very hard feel. There is a number 4 and something else impressed in the base but the glaze has filled it in and for the most part obliterated whatever mark was there. The glaze is a yellowish color, not clear.
On the interior there are splotchy "Halos" of a peachey color (much like we find in some New England Redware) that are really quite attractive. There are three prongs or small feet that the pie plate sits on. The color of the piece (on both sides) is more like that on the bottom (right photo) not the left which is showing too orangey. The camera is playing tricks on the eye!
Now for the best part . . . the condition is high outstanding. While these are fragile one would expect to find damage, especially between the holes, but there is only one hole that has the tinyiest flea bite of glaze loss . . . otherwise the piece is perfect! The size is 9-3/4" in diameter and 2" high on the little feet. For the collector of Yellow Ware you won't find any better . . . in fact you probably won't find it at all.

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