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Large Mocha Mug with Oyster Decoration

Presented here, simply one of the best mocha mugs we have had the pleasure to present.  It is HUGE!  it stands 5-2/3" tall and is 4-1/3" in diameter.  It is larger than a quart mug as it holds 4-1/2 cups.  The decoration is the RARE Oyster Pattern with multi-colored bands in black and tan.  The Oysters seem to be floating in the deep blue bands thus giving the illusion of fluidity of motion.The extruded handle has nicely formed foliate terminals. 

Big, Bold and Gutsy . . . They just don't get much better than this!  Now for the best part, and I love to say this . . . there are absolutely NO condition issues or stains on this piece.  The colors are gorgeous!  It is as perfect as the day it was made.  A stellar addition to any serious mocha collection, c. 1830's. 


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