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Woodlands Indian Birch Bark Baskets

These are really special. Two birch bark baskets with wonderful in-use patination that has mellowed them to a nutty-brown color. The baskets are birch bark (natural decorative panels of birch on two opposed sides). The white has been removed allowing for a reddish brown design contrast.  Both are very strong with some expected ethnographic wear.  The rims have a narrow strip on each side of the bark and then bound tightly all around the circumference with only some sporadic minor loss to the wrap in a couple of places due to use and expected wear.

The decorative design is the same on each basket, which would point to their being made by the same maker. What needs to be mentioned is there are two cracks in the bark . . .  one, not large, but they need to be mentioned for the sake of accuracy. They will not float your canoe as they are no longer water-tight. They measure in size at the top rim which is round, or nearly so, whereas the bottoms, as you can see in the photo are square. All in all an exceptional find for the serious collector. See photo 1.315  in Miles Indian and Eskimo Artifacts of North America.

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