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Mocha Mug with Earthworm Decoration

Presented here, simply the best mocha mug we have had the pleasure to present.  It is HUGE!  it stands 5-3/4" tall and is 4-1/4" in diameter.  It is larger than a quart mug as it holds 5 cups.  The decoration is Earthworm, Catseye, and Dots.  Notice how the dots encircle the Catseye closest to the handle forming a flower.  There is an identical one on the other side of the handle also.  The extruded handle has nicely formed foliate terminals. 

Big, Bold and Gutsy . . . They just don't get any better than this!  Now for the best part, and I love to say this . . . there are absolutely NO condition issues or stains on this piece.  The colors are gorgeous!  It is as perfect as the day it was made.  A stellar addition to any serious mocha collection, c. 1830's.


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