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Hollow-Cut Silhouette
Attributed to James Hosley Whitcomb

 Richly detailed hollow-cut silhouette of a man in profile to the left. Cut paper with hair and clothing details in watercolor or ink wash. Likely by James Hosley Whitcomb, Deaf-Mute of Hancock, New Hampshire, circa 1835. 

Stylistically, Whitcomb's work has several identifying characteristics that allow attribution to him with some degree of certainty . . . a stylized bust curve that varies in depth, resembling an apostrophe of varying exaggeration and the head and shoulder beneath the lapel are hollow cut and backed with black fabric while the coat lapels, shirt front and collar are left uncut and detailed with ink and watercolor.  The work here is mounted in period gilt frame and displays nicely. (Frame: 4.25 x 5"; view: 2.5 x 3").


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