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Olive Green Oval Fingered Hersey Box

Mid-19th Century Olive Green Oval Hersey Box stamped "BFH" for Bela French Hersey (1817-1879), Hingham, Massachusetts. Bela was a Cooper and Box Maker by trade following in the more than five generation Hersey tradition.  Boxes and other woodenware made by the Herseys earned Hingham the name "Bucket Town" and national and world wide recognition for the quality of their woodenware. Though made of the same materials as the Shaker Boxes . . . White Pine and sometimes Birch or Red Pine tops and bottoms with opposing Maple laps fastened with wooden pins and copper or iron tacks, the Oval Hersey boxes were more rectangular in shape and fastened with only four wooden points.  They made their boxes one way and their quality was unsurpassed.  Made in nests and graduated in size, most were unpainted, now oxidized to a light golden or darker brown. When found in paint, it will usually be blue or green. Some are stamped with the maker's initials or name but many had paper labels which have gone away over time.  Label, signature or not, there is no mistaking a box made by the Hersey family of Coopers.
This little Oval Hersey Box in Olive Green paint is Classic Hersey. The box is structurally sound and wear to the paint is mostly on the high spots of the rim and on the lid.  L 5-1/4 W 3-1/2" H 2".



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