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Wrought Iron Swivel Toaster
Because bread was not baked daily, toasting bread was common.  Three legged wrought iron frames held bread slices on a rotating bar before the fire and swiveled to toast both sides.  
Being utilitarian in nature, it would have been a simple thing to simply use straight bars to hold the bread, but our blacksmith outdid himself here with this wonderful scrolled, double-arched fence and shouldered handle.  It is the art of the blacksmith elevated to Folk Art and representative of a statement made in 1950 by noted American Folk Art Collector and historian, Nina Fletcher Little, "For an example of folk craft to be also be considered as folk art it should, I believe, have been made with a conscious attempt on the part of its creator to enhance it above the purely utilitarian, either by adornment or refinement."  There is no doubt that this toaster certainly qualifies.  15" long x 13" wide

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