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18th C. Tavern Table
Presented here, a wonderful little 18th Century American Tavern Table. The frame is maple, the top is pine and the secondaries are pine, oak, and black ash. The fastenings are wooden pegs, both round and rectangular, and iron nails (hand forged-rosehead, square and roundish). The turned legs (vase turned to inverted vase) have had the bottoms ended out long ago so now about two inches remain below the stretcher.

The stretcher's outside face, top and bottom is molding decorated. Mortise & tenon construction with wood pegged fastenings. The end stretchers are chamfered on the back side and bottom to fit a smaller mortise than on the back and front stretcher. The bottom edge of all pieces of the top frame are also molding edged on the outside. Again, mortise & tenon with wood pegged fastenings. The table has a single board top fastened with large rosehead nails . . . one to the top face of each leg.
The original finish which was most probably a shellac or varnish received a coat of old red paint after major wear to the surface and the shortening of the legs. The underside of the top clearly shows the paint application over the old dirt patination of the unfinished top. This is honest, in use re-furbishment and done well over two centuries ago. All in all, a very fine little tavern table of a very desirable size, 29" long x 20" wide x 25" high.

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