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Pennsylvania Redware Storage Jar
Presented here, a fabulous piece of Pennsylvania Manganese Decorated Redware with the most lustrous glaze. This is just about as perfect as it gets except for a small pop near the bottom that was done in it's making, most likely a flaw in the clay. This does not hurt it's value but is mentioned for the sake of accuracy.  There are two incised lines at the shoulder and on the handle which comes off the shoulder and is very dainty for such a utilitarian piece.  
This piece is a bulbous Storage Jar dating to the first half of the 19th Century, and was used in the country kitchens of the day. To see a surviving piece in perfect condition is highly unusual and extremely rare !!!!  It is the fiery Pumpkin Orange the Pennsylvania Redware collectors beat down doors for and it is abundantly decorated with bold mottled Manganese for added interest.  Put this in direct sunlight and you'd swear it had batteries and lights !!!  It measures about 6" high x 4-3/8" in dia. at is widest part.


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