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Native American Elm Burl Bowl
Presented here, a magnificent Elm Burl Bowl . . . Elm grain has very strong elastic properties that allow for shrinkage without splitting. The bowl is proportionally deeper than typically found. At the highest point the bowl is 4-3/4" to 5" tall depending on where you measure it. The bowl is 13 inches in diameter depending on where the measurement is taken. This bowl has an unusual volume for its size because of the relatively flat bottom combined with the steep walls. The condition is excellent with no splits or cracks.
Elm Burl has a distinctive figure that looks like a topographical map with the edges of the rings showing what looks like cilia or tiny hairs. We believe the bowl is Native American made, most likely for trade with the colonists. Having desirable relatively thin walls this bowl is also somewhat atypical in form, having a wide bottom rather than a conical shape.
Considering: this bowl is of rarely found elm, which accounts for the beautiful grain pattern; the hand tooled origin; no cracks or damage; no finish applied to detract from the wood's natural appeal, it adds up to be a standout among beautiful burl creations.

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