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Double Sided Gameboard
Presented here, a wonderful, honest,  5-color, two sided mid 19th Century Gameboard in original paint.  On the one side we have Parcheesi in vibrant colors of Soldier Blue (the blue is more green due to the oxidized paint), Mustard (not yellow as it appears in the photo), Bittersweet (not red) and brown that has oxidized to an almost black color.  The whole is framed in Windsor Green, not olive as it appears in the picture.  In this case what you see is NOT what you get!  The colors have mellowed to a beautiful, untouched surface patina, and yes, there is some expected wear to the paint, especially on the outside edges, but the playing surface is in very good condition  with only a few scuffs here and there as should be expected.
The construction is of two pieces of board that have been doweled together. The reason I know this is because there is a bit of shrinkage in the board and you can see the dowel.  That's the spot you see below in the second row from the bottom. I must admit I've not seen this construction before, but it works, so hey!
The reverse is a Checkerboard in Bittersweet and Black with a Black border.  It appears that the board was first painted Bittersweet and then the black was applied over in the grid as flecks of bittersweet show through the black in places where the black has worn.  There is expected craquelure to the paint. This is one of those wonderful pieces where one is hard pressed to decide which side to display because each has it's own distinctive merits, but please realize the board is in "played with" condition, showing expected surface wear, but not abuse or misuse.  Double value for your money here!  The size is impressive and definitely makes a statement . . . 24" x 24-1/2".  These don't come down the pike every day! Wonderful Folk Art for the collector of Gameboards or Folk Art.

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