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 Burl Belt Cup or Dipper

It is our pleasure to present here a museum quality Native American Belt Cup or Dipper made of what we believe to be Maple Burl. This most likely would have been used for water, not for serving food as the more commonly found ladles were. 

Painstakingly and beautifully carved from one piece of wood using the natural burl's shape, it is very impressive and aesthetically pleasing as the natural burl formation creates a beautiful spouted drinking bowl.  The hand cut, very dry sinew still remains though may have been added at a later date or is a replacement. The dipper measures 6-3/4" long x 4-1/4" across and the bowl is 2-1/2" deep.  The handle which is 2-3/4"l. x 1-1/3" wide resembles that form attributed to Northeast Native American Huron, Delaware, Powhatan or Nanticoke shapes.

Now for the best part, as if it could get any better! It's all about surface!  Its untouched, 100% very dry, undisturbed surface has age oxidation in all the right places . . . very honest with a very smooth feel.  It wasn't so long ago that dealers and collectors were oiling or waxing and even varnishing their treen, which is why today, when an untouched example is found we appreciate it as a "true survivor" . . . mostly of our well-intended embellishments.  The handle and interior is worn smooth from years of use and reflects its long and well used life. On the exterior some of the high spots have taken on almost an "ashy" appearance from wear.  All that said, there remains only one other thing and that is, and best of all, it is in excellent condition.  No apologies here!  Simply amazing, wonderful and RARE!

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