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Annis Osborne, England,
c. 1825





  Elizabeth Wright
December 21, 1839


Abigail Graham, Buckland, MA, 1810


Sarah Ann Leader, Bedford, Bedford County, Pennsylvania, July 5, 1831  

Eliza Foster Woodbury, Beverly, Essex, MA, 1838


Mary D. King,
New England, 1823

 Hannah Fritz, 
Merion Square Seminary, 
Merion, Pennsylvania, 1831


Elizabeth Lyons, 1823




Elizabeth Lindy, Mrs. Armstrong's School, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1802




Quaker Marking Sampler, Susan F. Lawrence, Pennsylvania, 1834


Elmina Francina Gibson, Chester County, Pennsylvania 1831


Pamela Mackey, Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1831

Mary Ann Walton, Portsmouth House and Barn Sampler, New Hampshire, C. 1820's

Nancy Frances Hackett, Limerick, York, Maine, 1836




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