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Folky Hooked Rug, Mounted and Ready to Hang



Exceedingly RARE Redware Rundlet,
Western NY, Height 10 inches




Hollow-Cut Silhouette of a Man.  Attributed to James Hosley Whitcomb, Deaf Mute of Hancock, New Hampshire C. 1835



 RARE 18th C. American Brass  Lantern, 15" high to top of handle

Hollow Cut and Watercolor Silhouette attributed to the Puffy Sleeve Artist.

RARE Hollow Cut and Watercolor Silhouette
 Puffy Sleeve Artist
       (active 1830 - 1831)
Sitter identified as Grandmother Holden, Mary Nutting, age 18



Profile Portrait of a Young Lady in a Red Dress by Rufus Porter

Miniature Chest of Drawers
c. 1820-30, Pennsylvania


Blue Treen Eating Bowl

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